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First Android game ported to iPhone

I guess everyone knows about the so-called Android vs. iPhone “wars”. Much was told in the media about the growth of Android and that some day it would repeat or even overcome the success of iPhone. Each and any person was trying to predict the day when iPhone would be second to Android in the mobile applications/games market. I have seen numerous articles and blog posts listing Android OS supported gadgets or showing the rapid growth of Android users, while also encouraging readers to switch their attention to Android.

Many companies or developers who gained success with their games/applications on iPhone market were trying to take their niche games onto Android phones. The most popular and famous iPhone applications were ported to Android and now they are among the top downloaded applications. If you go to Android market and search for any application starting with “i” (it’s kinda modern tendency on App store), you will see dozen of them.

As Android developers, we asked the opposite question. What would happen if we took a popular Android application/game and port IT to iPhone? To answer that question, we decided to port our popular game Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus to iPhone.

The game remains a full 3D environment with which you can easily interact. We had to change the controls to match the iPhone, but it didn’t influence the usability in any way. The creepy atmosphere, blood and mysterious ghosts are all still there. The puzzles and riddles remain the same, and you still cannot escape of the room until all the tools are found and the puzzles are solved.

We hope and expect that iPhone users will like Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus as much as Android users do. As more and more positive reviews roll in, we will begin to consider porting Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child (due out next week) to iPhone.