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If you are reading this, you are the ONE interested in Android OS, interested in all the wonderful games and applications available on Android market. We truly believe that the number of people like YOU is growing from day to day, from month to month, from year to year.

Each and every person of our team has decided to spend his efforts and devotes his time to create outstanding games that can make you feel proud of Bendroid. We are committed to making unique products that only available on Android market.

What you'll see from us is a range of games from simple to complicated, from free to premium, that are challenging and compelling. We took part in raising the level for gaming on Android platform and set the new rules for Android game development.

It was a long way for us to win the appreciation and gratitude from our users and drive the attention to our work. We have spent lot of time and energy from the very first sketches till the very last step. We know that it may be very difficult for the person or the company to come up with the idea or turn the existing one into the remarkable product. Here at Bendroid, we are eager to help and assist independent developers, studios and companies by publishing and comissioning games on Android market.

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Mystique. Ch1: Foetus
featured by Android market.
Tangram Pro
Top Paid game on Android market.
Mystique. Ch3: Obitus
featured by Android market.