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Mystique Chapter 2: The Child - Coming Soon

Several months passed since Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus was released on Android market. During that period it gained numerous fans and was downloaded thousands of times. As the days went by, we were getting more and more emails from the fans with the same question:

“OMG!!! We want Chapter 2 ASAP!!! When it will be done? Move your a**es, guys!”

Today we proudly announce:

Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child will be released May 26th, 2009. Yes, boys and girls, we were working all that time to incorporate your comments, improve the puzzles and expand the gameplay. Each day was a struggle between common sense and our imagination…guess who won?

Chapter 2: The Child starts right off where the last game ended. After you escape the bathroom, you find yourself in some kind of a medical facility. Your goal remains the same as the first episode: Get the hell out of that place!

Extra attention was given to the graphics. We added more vivid and detailed textures. New effects and visual features were integrated into the game engine. All that should help you to feel the atmosphere and dive into the horror.

Gameplay was also given an upgrade. We have increased the game length and the number of locations. Now the game includes 13 unique and outstanding locations with several dozen items to find. But just to find the item is not enough, you need to perform an action with it, and choosing from more than 100 actions can be a real challenge, even for a professional.

We're not even gonna mention all the puzzles that are hidden in the one knows how much time you would spend solving them. If the puzzles prove to be too difficult and complicated for you…just sit back, relax, save the game, and try later. Yes, Mystique. Chapter 2: The Child has a “Save” option. You won’t have to solve the same puzzles or find the same items again and again.

To allow you to navigate through the game the way you are used to, we have added an“Invert” option to help users choose the way their screen reacts to their touch. Game timers and high scores were added as well, since users were complaining that once they finished Chapter 1, there was no way to show how awesome they did and challenge their friends to try and do better.

We do really hope all of you enjoy Chapter 2: The Child. We’ve added and included all the items and features you asked for. Much effort was spent on making and optimizing the new chapter and proving that the Android platform is a superior gaming environment. We truly believe our hard work will show other developers that the time to create game masterpieces has come.