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The game industry has changed a great deal over the past 2 -3 years. During this period, we spent a lot of time following each and every aspect of mobile game development and staying very closely in touch with the community. After gathering all our thoughts and ideas, we decided to focus specifically on the Android OS. The reason - Android is an outstanding platform that has lot of potential and we are sure that the best features will be coming soon.

In forming Bendroid, we had just an idea and an overwhelming desire to show our professional skills to Android users everywhere. We spent days, nights and weekends to achieve our goals. With our hard work and complete devotion to the development process, we've managed to fulfill some of our dreams and create several unique games that have been honored by thousands of fans. Each game has been a challenge for us, with all work starting from a blank piece of paper.

This is only the beginning and the work never ends. With every new day we have new challenges that only help us to create and innovate. But even with all our efforts thus far and the passion we have included in every game, there are still things left undone, games left unpublished, ideas left unmentioned.

With your help, we will be able to reach new levels of development, create even better products and release more to the public. You can support our company while taking part in thrilling process of game development by financing some or all of our development efforts here at Bendroid.

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Our Achievements:

Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus
featured by Android market.
Tangram Pro
Top Paid game on Android market.
Mystique. Ch3: Obitus
featured by Android market.