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About Us

In the beginning, there was Android. He lived his lonely life in California until one fateful day - the day he met Google. Google offered him a ticket into life and showed him the way. The way to freedom and world popularity. Android started growing rapidly, finding new friends and partners in the USA, Europe and Asia.

A few brave souls gathered together as a team to meet Android. With shiny, new Android powered phones as their weapons, they found their new purpose in life - design and develop outstanding games to help Android make new friends. Within a year, these brave soldiers had created a handful of games that were downloaded and played by users everywhere. But their tale hasn't ended... they continue to produce new games and we hope that their work will remain a part of Android's long and exciting future!

The Enforcer

Was a leader of troops for several years, and proved to bring his armies to victory.

Guess what? He's always angry!!!

The Technologist

Fighting in the field of the code for almost 10 years. Qualified as a master of such weapons as: Java, C++, PHP and others.

He also plays a guitar :)

The Visual Tactician

Was born with a graphics software compilation CD in his hands. And we mean it!

He is also a DJ guy!

The Forward Observer

Creates the beautiful 3D battlefields we all "fight" on.

Sometimes he is an office jester :)

The Negotiator

Has great experience and talent in doing business stuff.

He is also from shiny Florida!